Custom Cabinets Miami

The subtle elegance of modern kitchens is what most people love. Minimalist cabinetry, neutral color palettes, metallic accents, pops of color, and any other details that can give the modern look a taste of warmth and welcoming. The clean lines and light color allows your home to have light and openness, with any material you desire we can make a modern kitchen that will never go out of style.

Miami Kitchen Cabinets

Classic kitchens are the most flexible and simple design themes. The details that ensure it is neither too ornate nor too impersonal and suits a wide variety of tastes, styles and budgets. The functionality and design comes together, classic styles possess traditional features with elegance, while they are not over the top or ornate. Design on doors, color contrasts, in all materials are available to make an elegant classic kitchen.

Miami Custom Cabinets

Warmth and charm of a rustic kitchen makes it the heart of a home. This design a casual inviting feel, whether in the city or in a country home, it looks equally cozy and fabulous. The rustic look can be achieved with the organic textures and shapes of any material. This kitchen definitely adds character to any home.


Our accessories vary from built in garbage disposals, handles, cutlery drawer, TANDEM pantry pull-outs, and much more to get the full advantage of your space provided by CLEVER STORAGE FROM KESSEBÖHMER.