About us

OCEAN DÉCOR INTERNATIONAL, LLC. Is a company with a long experience in the European market, mainly in Spain, which has the full support of leading brands in the field of kitchen furniture. We are a group of professionals who at all times are overseeing the projects for excellent execution of our products from start to finish, providing the service and warranty that ensures customer satisfaction.

We are currently official representatives in the United States of OB kitchen furniture factory, founded in the 70s in Spain. Our customers benefit from products directly from manufacturers without the added cost of an intermediary.

For countertops we use different suppliers depending on the specifications for each project. These suppliers have excellent international reputation and are committed to the latest developments in design.

Our commitment to care for and maintain the environment is extended throughout the life cycle of our products. We use the latest technology for the manufacturing and processing of our products to ensure better energy efficiency, water saving and recycling, to serve respect for the environment.

OB has more than 600 kitchen specialist in the national market, some of them with more than 20 years of commercial relationship. After the success of our commercial strategies for the market, OB is now structuring for internationalism.

OB has commercial presence in Spain, France, Morocco, Dubai, India, Belgica, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Santo Domingo and USA-Miami supplying major commercial projects.